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For doctors Only

About Us

As a physician, you face the daily stress of lower reimbursements, constraints of the Affordable Care Act, tax penalties for the “wealthy”, and a variety of financial decisions, such as:

  • Should I sacrifice quality of life now by taking extra shifts to retire sooner?
  • How should I prioritize debt, retirement savings, and college funding?
  • What are the best states for locums work and where do I establish residency?

The financial habits you develop today will impact you and your family for the rest of your lives, but you may not know where to start or who to trust. This is where we can help.

Fox & Co. Wealth Management is a Registered Investment Advisory fiduciary firm located in Kentucky, providing Fee-Only financial planning and investment management services. At FWM, we work in tandem with our sister firm, Fox & Co. CPAs, a full-service CPA firm. 90% of FWM’s clients are virtual, as are 75% of Fox & Co. CPA’s. Both firms use a Flat Fee billing model and are dedicated to serving physicians and dentists.

Johanna Fox Turner, CPA, CFP®, RLP®, senior partner, is forum moderator and a frequent contributor to the White Coat Investor. Her areas of specialization include tax planning, estate planning, and business consulting. Partner Michelle Neiswender, CFP®, MBA specializes in cash flow, insurance planning and asset protection, and college planning. Together, we assist high net worth (HNW) clients across the USA and in Mexico in coordinated asset protection techniques linking financial, tax, and investment planning strategies.

At FWM, we deliver exceptional service dedicated to ensuring that you have full clarity about your finances. We not only help you prioritize, but educate to ensure you don’t just have a plan, but also understand your choices and our recommendations. Our overarching goal is to help you and your family achieve the goals you have set on the timetable that you want.

You can learn more about us and view our ADV here.

Our investment philosophy is articulated in Nick Murray’s book, Simple Wealth, Inevitable Wealth, which we send free of charge to all new clients.

We offer a free, absolutely no-obligation review of your finances and a second opinion. Click here to schedule a complimentary appointment to find out more about Fox & Co Wealth Management. We look forward to meeting you.