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Brass Brass Go Away - and never come back!

This month we tackled several projects, but I won't overwhelm you with everything all at once. We actually made a MAJOR discovery that led us to an even bigger project, but it was more than worth the effort. I will showcase that in the next couple months (still working on it) so be sure to watch your inbox for our newsletter.

Last July when we purchased our home the focal point of the living room was this atrocious fireplace. I am not a fan of cream mantles or brass accents so it had to go. 

Unfortunately, so many other things moved up on the project list and the hideous brass accent remained. Sunday was the day I told my husband enough is enough. We spent about 10 minutes taping it off to avoid a huge mess and about 5 minutes painting. 

The end result was better than I could've hoped! Take a look for yourself. 

The top picture is actually one of THREE photos for the listing (we made an offer the second day it was on the market) when we purchased the home last July. The bottom picture is the final makeover. 

The mantle color I used in the pictures above is Hot & Spicy by Behr. Yes, it is even more beautiful and show stopping in person. You will see it make another appearance when I showcase my formal dining room turned into a library & sitting room.