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One Dining Room Too Many

When my husband and I toured our home for the first time realtor in tow; I knew the formal dining room would be no more. We'd lived in an apartment (the size of our current living room) and two houses already. They both had eat in kitchens and we'd never had the separation of kitchen and table nor the extra space of two dining rooms. Obviously you can tell the room needed a total overhaul regardless of what its purpose would be. 

This picture doesn't do the extremely well preserved wallpaper justice, believe me! Not a single tear or piece beginning to peel back anywhere and I have no doubt it was applied 30+ years ago. After spending almost a week removing wallpaper, sanding, texturing and painting the kitchen/dining room we decided to prime (several times) and paint over the pristine wallpaper rather than remove.

We were trying to keep costs down for this room because the entire house needed a lot of love.  We did almost all of the work ourselves except the electrical. As you can see in this picture my husband and project-partner-in-crime has a coat of primer on the walls already and the hideous chandelier has been replaced. You may still be wondering... what in the world are they going to use this space for if not a dining room? Maybe this next picture will give you an idea :)

Okay, okay, you guessed it (or maybe you didn't)! A library! This is one of my favorite rooms in the house for multiple reasons and they all fit neatly on shelves created and installed by yours truly and my grandfather. The shelves we made ourselves rather than buying bookshelves to line the walls. This allowed us to cut costs and to create the exact size I wanted for the space. I also wanted a bench seat to break them up in the middle for my son to sit (or climb) on whenever he wanted. If you LOVE formal dining rooms and are currently screaming "NO!" do not fear. The shelves are only 12 inches and there is still plenty of room for a dining room table to be placed if we ever change our minds ;) 

Room painted and shelves installed with two cute bench seat testers pictured above. I think they approve! As you can see we carried the Hot & Spicy color used on the fireplace into this space. The rooms connect via a large cased opening and we wanted them to flow into each other nicely.  I know you have been dying to see the end results.... TA DA!

Another before and after for good measure. 

Well, what do you think? You may be wondering how deep we dug into our budget for this room renovation. Here is a breakdown of what we spent:

  • Light Fixture $90
  • Installation of Light Fixture $8 (He charged $30 an hour and it didn't take him more than 15 minutes to switch these out. He was already there replacing other light fixtures for us.)
  • New Loveseat $140
  • Accessories from TJ Maxx $75
  • Wood for Built-ins $150 (we had pieces left over, but this was the total cost)

We didn't want to spend more than $500 in this room and as you can tell we made it just under budget at $463. I would say it was completely worth the money, time and effort spent. 

Thank you for stopping by my little corner of the world. I hope my project inspired you to revamp something or maybe even change that wall color you hate. You don't have to spend a lot to completely change your space.